This little guy made me work for it!! He did not want to sleep at all! He was such a sweet baby, though. He never cried, just wanted to stay awake. His photos turned out beautiful and so worth it!!

Of course, we had to get some parent shots too.

This one is 4 generations.

I did a mini photo shoot with my daughter and niece today. I was happy she even wanted to take photos. She usually runs from the camera!!

Baby Liam 8 days new. He was a dream to photograph, slept the whole time!

This was such a sweet family session. It was extremely hot but these boys did great!

I found this beautiful plantation so my sister and I had to take the kids and do a photo shoot. I loved all the flowers!

I absolutely love how this session turned out! This little girl is a doll and her photos came out amazing!


I had to share this cute photo of Baby Gage with my huge teddy bear. Isn’t he adorable!

Sarah 7 months

Seniors , Teens


Hunter’s senior photos

This little peanut was just adorable! She was 3 weeks old but very tiny sinceĀ  she was almost a month early.